Corrosion is single destructive force to your vehicle undercarriage. Consistent exposure to a wide range of
elements such as rain, wind and snow can increase the formation of rust on exposed metal, resulting in
poor appearance and loss of value.  Road salt and debris also kick up and cling to vehicle undercarriage,
eating away at metal and electrical connections.

Fluid Film® is manufactured using an intricate heating and blending process, which combines unrefined
wool wax with selective polar agents and corrosion inhibitors. Creating a unique, lanolin-based formulation
that stops existing rust immediately. Penetrating on contact, it creates a fluid, self-healing barrier that is
always active and will not chip or crack, protecting vehicle undercoating and exposed metals for extended
periods of time. Safe for use on all metals, it will stop pitting in chrome, will not harm paint or plastic,
and has exceptional lubricating properties, penetrating to stop squeaks and provide lasting lubricity for all
moving parts.

Fluid Film® penetrates to the base metal, providing a lasting, protective barrier from the corrosive effects
of salts, calcium and sodium chloride, pesticides and fertilizers. Offering an easy "no drip" application,
Fluid Film® offers a cheaper and more effective alternative to the standard hard-under-body coatings.
Protecting undercoatings from metal deterioration, Fluid Film® also remains soft and pliable, making it
self-healing, non-drying, and impossible to crack. Fluid Film® migrates to inaccessible areas, providing up
to a full year of solid protection.              

Fluid Film® Has been providing a trusted method of corrosion Protection since 1943.
Small 2-Doors 2 seats: $135
2-Doors 4 Seats: $155
Mid Size 4 doors, 4-5 seats: $165
Large 4-Doors: $175
Small Truck or SUV: $195
Large Truck, Van or Suv : $215
* Commercial Vehicles are by estimate only.
(drilling and spraying) when added to undercarriage protection only.
* $35 For Undercarriage Degreasing and Power wash.
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Will Fluid Film® harm the paint on my car?
Fluid Film® will not harm paint. It can be sprayed directly on painted surfaces without any harmful effects.

Will Fluid Film® adversely affect plastic or rubber?
No, Fluid Film® has no adverse effects on plastics or synthetic rubber. On 100% natural rubber, some swelling can

Will Fluid Film® remove rust?
Fluid Film® is not formulated to remove rust. However, if applied over existing rust, it will stop it immediately from
spreading further. Fluid Film® will penetrate rust and rust scale to the base metal, loosening and easing in the
removal process.

Does Fluid Film® attract dirt?
Because Fluid Film® remains wet, it will get an initial dusting upon application, but because it contains no solvents
and will not become sticky, it will not gum up or create a build up of dirt.

Will Fluid Film® harm electrical connections?
No. Fluid Film® is non-conductive and will not harm electrical connections. Make sure that all connections are made
before applying Fluid Film®.

Does Fluid Film® dry out?
No. Fluid Film® is a lanolin based product containing no solvents. It will not evaporate or dry from the surface. Fluid
Film® will leave a wet, non-drying film, that will provide long term corrosion protection on all metals and superior
lubrication for all moving parts.

Does Fluid Film® protect all metals?
Fluid Film® will protect all metals from oxidation and atmospheric corrosion, including steel, copper, lead, tin and
zinc. It will stop chrome and brass from pitting and aluminum and magnesium from oxidizing.

What makes Fluid Film® different from the competition?
Where most products contain between seventy and ninety percent solvent, Fluid Film® contains none except for its
propellant, meaning long lasting lubrication and protection. With no solvent, Fluid Film® won't evaporate or become
sticky or gummy, allowing it to migrate to other areas for lubrication or protection. With its unique lanolin base, Fluid
Film® will actually embed itself in the pores of metal, resisting wash off and keeping moisture and oxygen from
getting to the base metal. Containing no solvent content, Fluid Film® lends itself to numerous applications where the
comparative solvent-based products would not even be considered.

Has there been any outside testing conducted to show the effectiveness of Fluid Film®?
Yes. The Department of the Navy conducted testing on maintenance products for Navy vessels and Fluid Film® was
found to provide superior performance. In fact, according to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division,
Philadelphia, PA where material testing took place, the difference in performance...profound...most telling result of
all the testing accomplished for this project." The Naval Ammunition Depot in Pensacola Florida conducted tests to
find safer products for corrosion preventatives, and Fluid Film® was found to supply superior protection in salt water
environments. Furthermore, the test results found "outstanding results" in direct exposure to the outside
environment, and concluded with these findings: "The results of the tests preformed indicate a superiority in Fluid
Film® for long term corrosion protection. The properties of Fluid Film® help to achieve a more environmentally safe
work place." Testing was also done in an outside testing facility according to Salt Spray resistance - ASTM B117
standards where Fluid Film® was tested against WD-40, CRC 3-36, Corrosion X and LPS-3. After 3 weeks
exposure Fluid Film® had a total surface corrosion of 1%, while the closest competitor contained 40% surface
corrosion. Two of the other competitors had achieved 100% surface corrosion during this same period, proving once
again the superior quality of Fluid Film®.
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