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Animal Odors
Animal odors get embedded in furniture, carpets, bedding and even clings to the walls and ceiling.  Accidents can occur and territorial issues often
compound the problem.  The entire area where a pet stays is usually permeated with their odors.  And these odors are more noticeable by guests who
are not pet owners.

Autos, Rental Cars, Tour Buses, and RVs
Usual spills from food and beverages, which get down into hard-to-reach areas.  Tobacco fumes can penetrate upholstery and microscopic smoke
residue will cling to the headliner and other interior surfaces. Pet and body odors can also become embedded in the seats and carpets.

Mildew, Mold
Thrive in damp environments.  If the area smells musty, there's a good chance that live mold spores are in the air.  These spores can reproduce by the
millions creating health issues, as well as damaging the building and its contents

Tobacco Smoke, Cigarette Odors, Fire and Smoke Damage     
Buildings that have suffered fire and smoke damage are somewhat similar to those that have been exposed to weeks or months of tobacco smoke.
The smoke fumes and chemical vapors penetrate almost every aspect of the facility. They penetrate the carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other
soft materials.  Microscopic smoke residue will cling to the walls, the ceiling, the closets, the cabinets and most other surfaces. Damage that results
from fire or heavy smoke may require longer term ozone shock treatment.
Nip Tuck Auto Detailing provides an ultimate solution for spills and stains that produce bad odors. Our Ozone Treatment is very effective in removing the lingering bad odor from:
In the real world not all cars are treated the same. Each car is unique and different. The listed price on our service menu is to give our consumers an idea about our service
packages. In no way the listed price will be true for each car, because each car is special.
Odor Removal Services.
Ozone Treatment
(Can only be added to Interior Steam  Clean
Package"B" or Any Diamond Detail Package)
Removes and Deodorizes Bad Odor Using Ozone Technology
Nip Tuck Auto Detailing provides an ultimate solution for spills
and stains that produce bad odors. Our Ozone Treatment is
very effective in removing the lingering bad odor from:

* Food and beverage spills, including coffee and milk.
* Bacteria, mold, and mildew
* Tobacco smoke
* Human and animal urine and excrement
* General pet odor
* Skunk, fish and other strong animal odors.
Starting at $50 per Treatment
All pricing subject to change without notice. Prices may vary depending on size and condition of vehicle.
How Does our Ozone Machine Work?

This machine produces molecules that actually seek out odor-causing elements and neutralize them. Oxygen in its
natural state is made up of two oxygen ions, forming an O2 or oxygen molecule. Our Ozone machine splits these
molecules back into separate oxygen ions, which are extremely unstable and end up re-combining into oxygen
molecules, some with two ions (O2) oxygen form the basic oxygen molecule-the oxygen we breathe that is essential to
life. Also, some form with three ions (O3) which is ozone. Since the molecules are unnatural state for oxygen to exist,
they are attracted to other substance. The third oxygen atom can detach from the ozone (O3) molecule, and re-attach
to molecules of other substances, thereby altering their chemical. This "Oxidation" of the other substance "causing
odors" is neutralized. Because of their chemical nature, living materials such molds and odor causing bacteria provide
the strongest attraction for (O3) molecules. Thus ozone is a great way to neutralize odors leaving fresh oxygen in its

Disclaimer: United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies ozone as a "toxic gas".
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Our Ozone Machine And / Or Odor Neutralizer Can Eliminate Bad Odors
in all of these Typical Applications:
(Please call for estimate)
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