Our Business philosophy is that an educated consumer  
makes our best customer.

Many detailing terms used by detailers, body shops and even auto mechanics trying to up sell
you additional services. Unfortunately they use those terms loosely to assure you that they
know all buzz words in the detailing business to earn your confident in them. We, on the other
hand, want to arm you with the correct detailing terms so you know what you are buying and if
you really getting the result you expect from the service that they asking you to pay for.

Let’s properly define each product we use in our paint rejuvenation process so you can

Wax :

A wax in true sense is a protective coating. Pure wax (Carnauba comes from palm tree in
South America) does very little to enhance the shine of your vehicle. Actually the other
ingredients like oils and silicones are added to make the automobile wax as we know today.

In our shop we use two different types of wax:
*  Premium wax in our Diamond Shine package. Applied with the polisher then buffed out with
microfiber towel.


A Glaze is a filling product that cosmetically hides minor imperfections in the paint clear coat
surface specially micro-scratches caused by regular washing (Automatic Car wash or hand car
wash). Glaze is made up of oils and silicones, simply fills the imperfections in the clear coat
yielding a sold surface that appears to be shinier and deeper than it actually is. In general
Glazes offer little or no paint protection and last a very short time.

* We used it only if requested by our customers.

A polish as the name applied designed to produce a shine in the paint clear coat surface. It
does so by removing a very thin layer from the clear coat surface, thus eliminating light
oxidation and leveling minor scratches and other surface imperfections. A pure Polish has no
paint protection characteristics.

    * We apply it with dual-orbital polisher or high speed buffer, it depends on your vehicle

The purpose of this product is to correct major imperfections in the clear coat surface and
removing the heaviest oxidation. Compound is made up of rough granules, act like sanding
agent similar to 2000  grit sandpaper, and other lubricating agents.

    * We use a “clear coat safe” compound and it is the best kind on the market today has
    a “true cut” characteristics.  No wax, glazes or silicones added so we can see the true
    results on your vehicle, not just cosmetic fill-ins. We apply it with high-speed or by dual-
    orbital polisher, it depends onyour vehicle circumstances, then buff it out with microfiber
    towel follow by polishing application as described next. Compounding is similar to wet
    sanding, in removing major damage will leave minor scratches behind that must be
    followed by the application of polish.

Polymer paint sealants are a newer class of chemical to the detailing industry. Polymer
sealant, like a wax, is a protective product in its purest form. A polymer sealant, however,
provides better protection than wax and lasts about twice as long. The difference between the
two products is based on their molecular structure. The molecules of wax go on the clear coat
surface in a relatively random fashion. In contrast, the molecules structures of a high quality
polymer sealant bonds in a cross-link in  long chains forming a durable net across the paint
surface. This net is much more difficult to deteriorate than a random layering of molecules of a

    * It can be added as an option to Diamond Shine detailing package, we apply it with dual-
    orbital polisher or by hand.
Clay bar:  

This product is a malleable plastic resin, is used to remove contamination from the clear coat
surface.  It looks like colored play dough and about the size of a bar of soap.  Some auto store
sells it in cheap imitation liquid form it is useless and has very little or no effect in removing
contamination from the paint surface.  Some clay bars are formulated to be used in
conjunction with clay lubricant as it moves along the paint surface, and other can be used
during prep wash it depends on the manufacturer.  Also, as you would expect clay bars range
in strength from those that will only take off light surface contamination to those that are almost
as strong as 1500 grit sandpaper, and can remove mild surface oxidation.
Interior Surface Cleaning:

Our Interior Cleaning process is two steps process Cleaning and Protections based on our
understanding that the inside of your vehicle is like a moving living room. Our Job at Nip Tuck
Auto is to make sure the interior of your vehicle is EXQUISITELY clean.
Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber surface:

First we air purge debris and dust form the surface under care. Then we start the cleaning
process using all-purpose cleaner for everyday dirt and/or solvent cleaner that is designed to
remove stubborn stains (paint, shoe polish, pen marks, etc) and safe for plastic and vinyl
surfaces.  Next we apply the dressing and protection process that is designed to protect your
vehicle from the elements such as ultraviolet rays, heat, cold and everyday wear-and-tear and
returns natural moisture to these surfaces. Without dressing, these surfaces can become dry
and brittle, causing pre-mature aging and even cracking.

    * We use two types of interior applicators each deigned to accomplish its own
    process and multiple types of brushes and other detailing tools to get into small  
    and hidden areas.

  • ** Consumer bought products usually is a combination  of detergent base cleaner
    and thick oil texture. Non professional products has very little cleaning power and
    offers very little protection for your vehicle. It covers the dirt with thick blanket of
    heavy oil that does not get absorbed by vinyl and rubber products instead sets on
    the surface then transfer to your clothing as your drive and move around your
Leather Care:

Similar process as described above but slightly different and requires more time. We only use
premium quality cleaner specifically designed for leather with correct pH balance that will clean
well without damage. Next we apply premium leather conditioner that leaves your seats
soft and

** WE DO NOT USE DRESSING ON LEATHER  dressing not appropriate for leather as seats becomes overly
slippery, will not look right, and in some cases, actually damage the leather instead of protecting it.
Copyright ©2009-2017 Nip Tuck Auto Detailing | All Rights Reserved
Copyright ©2009-2017 Nip Tuck Auto Detailing | All Rights Reserved
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