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*** Vouchers, Coupons and Gift Certificates (Excluding "IM" gift certificate) ,  may not be combined with any special offer. Also, they can only be used for in
store detail Service.
** As of October 1st, 2010 Nip Tuck Auto Detailing requires payment of a non-refundable Appointment Reservation Fee of $35.00. This fee will
be applied to your total invoice. However, if you need to reschedule the appointment you may do so only once for up to 10 days after the first
scheduled appointment without losing your deposit. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule.

*** Due to space limitation any vehicle, Boat, RV or Motorcycle not picked up within 24 Hours after our service is done we will add  $20.00/Day
storage fee to your invoice.
Store Located @
1484 Medina Rd (R18)
Suite 103 & 104
Across From Parrish McIntyre Tires.
Our Services Are by Appointment Only!
Store Hours: 7:30 AM- 5:00PM
Closed on Sunday.
Longer Store hours During Spring, Summer and
Fall seasons. Please call store first.
(330) 321-1065    
Nip Tuck Auto Detailing, LLC. requests that all personal items be removed from the vehicle prior to any detail.
We Have Great Auto Detailing Centers Not Just Because Of Our Detailing
Techniques Alone But Because Of Our Passion to What We Do.
Nip Tuck Auto culture has embodied a sort of fanatical attention to detail.
Most of our competitors are focused on making their detailing services the
cheapest. We think cutting corners to be the cheapest is misguided. Our
service should genuinely be the best. This requires real discipline, and
that's what drives us - a sincere, genuine appetite to deliver an excellent
detailing service each time.

Cheap pricing goes hand in hand with cheap detailing service. We offer
neither of them, but if that what you are looking for, you may want to check
the web for
North Royalton
Store Located @
9840 York Alpha Drive
Suite "D"

Our Services Are by Appointment Only!
Store Hours: 7:30 AM- 5:00PM
Closed on Sunday.
Longer Store hours During Spring, Summer and
Fall seasons. Please call store first.
(330) 321-1065
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If You Won't Settle For Anything But The Best,
call me @ (330) 321-1065.
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Ken McEntee in his article Extra Miles wrote:  "Both of Dr. Clifford Sonnie’s two SUVs
are eight years old, but they look showroom new, inside and out. That, he says, is
because he has them detailed at least twice a year at Nip Tuck Auto Detailing
 Mimi Vanderhaven, Brunswick edition, August 16, 2013 Page 41.
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Buckeye Super Wash - The Car Wash professional People!
Cover Story  Published
by Mimi Vanderhaven
Monthly Magazine.
February, 10th, 2011.

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"Former industrial
control systems
engineer Ed Awada
left a lucrative
consulting career to
launch Medina’s fast-
growing Nip Tuck Auto
Detailing. Here’s why
you want an engineer
detailing your car"
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Headlight Restoration / Headlight renewal
Paint Protection Film
Windshield Repair and Replacement
Windshield Repair and Replacement
Bad Odor Removal - Ozone Treatment
Auto Glass Replacement
Interior Detail
Auto Glass Replacement
Windshield Repair and Replacement
Paint Protection Film
Paintless Dent Removal / Repair
Decals / Vinyl Removal Services
Complete Detail (Complete Interior and Extgerior)
Undercarriage Fluid Film Rust Protection.
We are looking for team Players!
Now Hiring
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Brunswick, Medina and
North Royalton.
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Regular Car Wash is a great way to keep your
vehicle looking good all year-round and
perfect for in between detailing services. Try
our strategic partner
Buckeye Super Wash
In Medina.
Paintless Dent Repair
Windshield Repair
Headlight Restoration
The next time you have a dent or small damage to your vehicle, get a quote from your favorite
body shop, then call us. We will take 35% OFF their quote; we fix it right in our store. We do it
better, we do it faster and above all we do it right. At no hassle to you no more driving from
and to body shop, no surprises, no long waiting and done in the same day.
* Certified Windshiled Repair Specialist
* Certified Paint Protection Specialist
* Certified Paintless Dent Removal Specialist
* Certified Auto Detailing Specialist