• Hand Wash & Dry Exterior.
  • Complete Medium Claying (Removes Paint Contaminants and Oxidation).
  • Two-stage Polish.
  • Polymer Paint Sealer - Gives your Vehicle the Ultimate Protection for up to  nine
    months. Paint Sealer is  a cross-link  molecular structure sticks better So dirt and
    salt won't.
  • Dress Wheel Wells & Tires.
  • Polish all exterior Chrome And/Or Aluminum.
  • Dress All Exterior Vinyl & Plastic.
  • Clean Windows Interior & Exterior.
  • Apply Rain-X to windshield Exterior.
  • Clean Door Jambs and apply liquid Wax.
  • Complete Vacuum (including Trunk.).
  • Air Purge.
  • Steam Clean Carpets, Mats, Trunk  and Upholstery (Pre-Treat, Agitate, Rinse, Extract
    and Dry).
  • Disinfect and Deodorize.
  • Clean & Condition with UV Protection all Vinyl/ Leather Surface and Seats.
  • Clean & Detail Dash, Vents, Instruments and Trim.
  • Apply Premium Dressing with UV protection on all interiors.
  • Scratch and/or Swirl mark removal are by estimate.
This Is The Ultimate  Protections Against Harsh Cleveland's
Winter Weather and can last up to one year on your vehicle.
All pricing are subject to change without notice. Prices may vary depending on size and condition of vehicle.
Winterize and Rejuvenation Special Care
Detailing Package.
(Recommended  Each Fall Or Winter)
Estimated 9-12  Man-Hours to finish this package
Nip Tuck Auto Detailing, LLC. requests that all personal items be removed from the vehicle prior to any detail.
*** Vouchers, Coupons and Gift Certificates (Excluding "IM" gift certificate) ,  may not be combined with any special offer. Also, they can only be used
for in store detail Service.
* Small car 2-Doors  and 2 seats $309.00  
* Small car 2-Doors and 4 seats  $329.00           
* Mid-Size car 4-doors                 $329.00      
Convertible top add $35.00
* Large 4-doors car                    $349.00       
* SUV/Truck/ Van                       $369.00      
* Larger SUV or Van                   $389.00    
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* Our Packages are not Processed in this particular order just an itemized list of the services that will be included.
We will add $35+ Extra For Pet Hair Removal.
Copyright ©2009-2017 Nip Tuck Auto Detailing | All Rights Reserved
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