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store detail Service.
AT Nip Tuck Auto Detailing  We Specialize in Total Auto Appearance Services; Undercarriage rust proofing, Paint Protection Film (PPF) , Paintless Dent Repair, Headlight Restoration, Windshield Repair, Auto
Glass Replacement, Decals Removal (Commercial Vehicles are welcome), Bad Odor Removal, Auto Detailing, Interior Detail, Auto cleaning, Swirl Marks Removal, Paint Correction, Scratch Removal, Wet
Sanding, Auto waxing and polishing, Carpet and Fabric Stain Protection, Custom Detailing, Over Spray Paint Removal.  Our locations service Northeast Ohio and our customer's base are from Medina, Brunswick,
Valley City,  North Royalton, Strongsville, Parma, Parma Height, Middleburg Height, Fairlawn, Wodthworth, Akron, Cleveland, Broadview Heights, Brecksville, Richfield.
Nip Tuck Auto Detailing, LLC. requests that all personal items be removed from the vehicle prior to any detail.
We Have Great Auto Detailing Centers Not Just Because Of Our Detailing
Techniques Alone But Because Of Our Passion to What We Do.
Nip Tuck Auto culture has embodied a sort of fanatical attention to detail.
Most of our competitors are focused on making their detailing services the
cheapest. We think cutting corners to be the cheapest is misguided. Our
service should genuinely be the best. This requires real discipline, and
that's what drives us - a sincere, genuine appetite to deliver an excellent
detailing service each time.

Cheap pricing goes hand in hand with cheap detailing service. We offer
neither of them, but if that what you are looking for, you may want to check
the web for
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If You Won't Settle For Anything But The Best,
call me @ (330) 321-1065.
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Ken McEntee in his article Extra Miles wrote:  "Both of Dr. Clifford Sonnie’s two SUVs
are eight years old, but they look showroom new, inside and out. That, he says, is
because he has them detailed at least twice a year at Nip Tuck Auto Detailing
 Mimi Vanderhaven, Brunswick edition, August 16, 2013 Page 41.
Regular Car Wash is a great way to keep your
vehicle looking good all year-round and
perfect for in between detailing services. Try
our strategic partner
Buckeye Super Wash
In Medina.
Corrosion Caused by
rain, salt, brine and
snow is a single
destructive force and
the greatest threat to
your vehicle.
penetrates to
the base metal,
providing a lasting,
protective barrier
from the corrosive
This what a 5 Gallons paint bucket on the
highway can do to your car... we can fix
OK, No One is Perfect, so you took your
vehicle and got  $89 detail job, and they *
throw in swirl marks and hazing for free....
You don't have to live with your mistake.
We Can Fix That
This damage was done by a body shop in Brunswick.
.... WE Did.
Fluid Film® yearly maintenance can
help prevent this from happening to
your vehicle's undercarriage.
Would you like to know more about Salt and Brine been used on
roads today. Please read this article written by Eric Leech, follow the
No matter
what you drive,
you get
to detail, detailing
and superior
NS²P Our Newest Retail Product
The Mobile Detailing Rescue Squad Unit
Nanoskin Speed Surface Prep Clay Towel.   $29.95
Nanoskin Speed Surface Prep “NS²P” Clay Towel is the alternative to traditional detail claying methods.
NS²P is easy, safe and fast way to remove surface contamination without the use of traditional clay bar.
The advanced polymerized rubber technology combined with high quality microfiber towel yield an
outstanding results in paint prep. Clay needs to be constantly shaped and reshaped and if you drop it,
it needs to be thrown away. We can all agree that the results of claying are worth the hassle, but the
NS²P Towel eliminates the aggravating aspects of using detailing clay. With this microfiber towel coated
with high-techpolymerized rubber, there is no more shaping clay, simply fold and go. If you drop the
NS²P, simply rinse it off and keep ongoing! Much like traditional detailing clays, the NS²P Towel will
remove surface contaminants from your paint allowing your favorite wax or sealant to bond more
effectively. Industrial pollutants, bonded contaminants, paint overspray and brake dust are quickly and
easily removed by the NS²P Towel. A single NS²P is good 50 or more usage. The NS²P Towel is safe for
use on automotive paint, glass, moldings, fiberglass and plastic.
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Buckeye Super Wash - The Car Wash professional People!
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Longer Store hours During Spring, Summer and
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